The conventional lead-zinc ore-dressing technology and equipment requirements

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The conventional lead-zinc ore-dressing technology and equipment requirements

Post Time:2011-03-30 15:03  
Author: Shicheng Oasis Mineral Equipment Factory
Lead-Zinc is always a symbiotic nature together, and generally have adopted flotation beneficiation process combined method.That is crushing ore to a certain size medium after the first re-election except with a large low-grade waste rock, and then flotation ore processing has been enriched.Heavy-medium beneficiation in general is divided into four steps, one ore preparation, the second is the heavy galena suspension medium selected other and the third is a product of the sieve on the removal of two kinds of heavy medium, 4 is the heavy media recycled.

The first step would be -25 mm ore screening, less than 4.5 mm sieve dehydration evacuation under the material grinding, sieve product into a shallow and wide chute, bottom of a sieve dehydration, dehydrated product into the zone be enhanced if the angle of discharge device heavy-medium concentrator cone carved election, floated objects (ie, tailings disposal) Traffic along a chute into the media, on the removal of heavy medium sieve, and then into the storehouse.Sink in matter (that is, after enrichment of ore) landed in the lower chamber cone angle, dehydration to mention out of the Big Dipper in the row in the chute, and then into the removal of the medium sieve.In the sieve of the previous two sections on the removal of heavy minerals on the media, in the third, four on the next wash attached to the heavy minerals on the media, in section V to exclude washing sieve.After cleaning the enrichment of ore warehousing.Removal of screens by the removal of medium heavy medium, using vibration to remove material greater than 0.5 mm, and this part of the screen on the removal of material to return medium sieve, sieve the product with the distributor next divided into three sections, one of which the majority of Back to heavy-medium dressing machine, a small part of the sending machine floats galena flotation, filtration, return to medium storage barrels, recycled.The remaining a small group of heavy-medium materials directly into the storage bucket.

Used for heavy-medium beneficiation of heavy medium (galena) accounting for 2.92, viscosity of 1.45, accounting for 2.89 objects float, sink in the proportion of objects 2.95.For the preparation of heavy media grade galena than 72% Pb, in order to ensure that the viscosity of suspension is not heavy.Heavy media content in more detail floating galena, the viscosity is too large.Coarse-grained when the viscosity is too low too much.One ton of waste rock for the loss of dry weight of 0.03 kilograms galena.

The above process, to use to the main equipment are: jaw crusher, Raymond powder machine (or other suitable grinding machine), heavy medium beneficiation machines, heavy-medium removal screen (no standard), mining distributor

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